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Practice Areas

Estate Planning - Making your wishes known to your family and friends when you are unable to do so is at the heart of estate planning. You can make decisions as to who will care for you and your money while you are still alive, but unable, and also, who will take care of your estate when you are gone. I'll ensure that your wishes are clearly spelled out in your power of attorney, your advanced directives, and your last will and testament.

Family - Family law is an area of practice that casts a wide net that includes divorce, child custody, parenting time, adoption, and more. You need an attorney who can advise you, advocate for you, and help you get through the legal part of this emotional area of the law.

Mediation - If you have a dispute with someone, you can take them to court - or go to mediation. Mediation is a means for resolving a dispute outside of the courtroom. There are many benefits to participation in mediation including, saving money, greater control of the outcome, confidentiality, and a faster resolution.  Finding a good mediator is key.

Civil Litigation - Civil litigation is the term for a legal dispute between two or more parties in the pursuit of money damages - compensation for injuries you have sustained, whether it be physical injuries, emotional injuries, and/or psychological injuries. You need the help of a skilled litigator who has your best interests at heart to move the case quickly toward a favorable resolution.

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